Sunday, August 26, 2012

Prioritising Goals

1.      $1000 Emergency fund.
2.      $500 Credit card balance.
3.      $1200 Xmas account.
4.      $3600 2012 Tax.
5.      $5000 Auto fund.
6.      $5000 TFSA.
7.      $1000 Store card balance.
8.      $2500 Credit card balance.
9.      $6000 Business Debt.
10.   $14,000 Tax owing previous years.
11.   $3200 RESP.
12.   $7500 RRSP.
13.   $2500 Down payment fund.
  1. Although we don't have $1000 total in the account labeled 'Emergency Fund', we do have more than that amount available to us should we need it. Part is in a bank account, the majority of it is in Canada Savings Bonds. I count this as a win.
  2. That credit card balance is a thorn in Hubby's side and will become the next victim on our payoff list. Coming soon!
  3. I try and try to keep up with the dollar-a-week savings plan, but it is unrealistic for us. I do know others who it works well for though.
  4. I make payments toward an unknown amount that will be owing when I file taxes again in order to reduce the overall amount owing.
  5. Our van is in need of replacing. It's our work vehicle and is necessary for us to bring in an income. We will likely get very little in trade in value, so we must put this higher up on the list of priorities.
  6. An arbitrary number. No real goal for our TFSA yet. Maybe supplementary savings for our future home.
  7. This card has a ridiculous interest rate. I think it should be higher on the list than #7.
  8. This amount is way down from its original $7700 or so. Slow and steady wins the race.
  9. This is mostly unpaid and yet to be filed HST reports.
  10. Good gracious, this is a scary number. Although this goal has a higher priority, it is lower on the list mostly because it will take awhile to pay off.
  11. This number will bring the total amount of RESP funds to $5000. We only have a few years until DD2 will be needing to take some of this money out. As for Cub, we still have lots of time for growth.
  12. Another arbitary number. It's difficult for me to ascertain how much I will need iin my golden years, but I know it'll be way more than what I have thus far.
  13. It's a goal to strive for. As we approach the time when we will need this, I'm sure the number will change to something more specific. Until then, this number will do.


  1. It's so helpful to organize things this way so you can see where you are going, how you are going to get there, and how far you've come. good job!