Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Sinister Than Murphy

What an incredibly difficult day we had yesterday!

I sat around for several hours waiting for something and tried to get a few things done while I had some time. I made a phone call to my ex after getting another e-mail from my divorce lawyer stating that they have still not received any response to any of their letters/emails since September 2011. (They send at least one per month.) Of course, the call didn't go well at all, not that I expected it to. He was mean, made more accusations about me, called me names, etc. I have decided after this last phone call, I will no longer be speaking to him in person, for anything ever again. If there is any need for communication between the two of us, it will be in writing, or through the lawyers because I am so done with his attitude.

*deep breath*

Then the day just got weirder.

Hubby and I went to pick up Cub from daycare and planned on putting some gas in the car before heading home to make dinner. While attempting to put gas into the car, Hubby notices that the nozzle from the pump won't go into the gas tank receptacle. He  looks into the hole where the nozzle should go and cannot believe what he is seeing. There is something blocking it. Thank goodness our mechanic is only a short drive away from that particular gas station. We were already on empty, but still could drive it a few kilometres.

The mechanic also stares in disbelief. He's heard of this happening, but has never seen it before. Grabbing some tools, he buckles down to work while we watch. I count as he extracts. 4, 5, 6. He grabs another tool. 7, 8, 9, 10. He uses a jack to lift the back of the car to gain access underneath. In order to make sure the entire fuel line to the fuel tank is clean, he takes off part of a hose. The clamps holding said piece of hose in place have been loosened. (This is not 'normal' loosening due to use of the vehicle. Someone has done this deliberately.) He clears the hose from that point going back up to the intake and also toward the fuel tank. 11, 12, 13, 14. Fourteen total. To be sure that there is no more obstacles in the line, he uses a probe with a camera type thingy attached. He gives us the all clear.

Fourteen sugar cubes in all were pulled from our fuel line. That, and the hose clamps had been loosened. I think we're going to file a report to the police, just in case. Thank goodness Thursday is payday. We'll be buying locking gas caps for both vehicles that day. I'll also be talking to our property management about paying for spots in the underground secured parking area.

I cannot express strongly enough in typed words how angry I am about this. God help whoever did this if I figure out who it is!


  1. Good grief! Don't people have anything better to do???

  2. Oh my goodness!! Lucky that you had to fill up because if those would have dissolved and all got in the system I think it would have wrecked the engine.

    How terrible!

  3. Jeez. I don't even know how I would react to such a situation. Why would someone do such a thing; and when did they get the chance? To do that sounds like a fair amount of work.

    I'm glad things worked out all right but that really is an unnecessary expense. I can only imagine how upset you are.

  4. This city seems to be full of idiots these days! Sorry this had to happen to YOUR car but happy you caught it before anything serious happened to it. Hope you catch the SOB!

  5. People can be such turds, hope the rest of the week goes better

  6. It's a good thing hubby figured it out. Your ex and the mess? All I can say for him is Karma, baby, Karma!

  7. Who does something like this? Unbelievable