Sunday, March 25, 2012

Going Out Like a Lamb... or is that With a Lamb?

This week practically flew by and I never really felt I had a chance to slow down to enjoy any of the nice weather. I worked an insane amount of hours, and managed to be awake for a full 25 hour period during the week too. I complained some at the time, but that is the nature of my work. Sometimes things just happen like that, and all I can do is go do the work and know that I will get sleep eventually.

Thursday was my second pay from the new company. As soon as I could get to the computer, I logged into online banking and transferred over a payment for the rent. Our rent is already paid for next month, so now I can start working on the other bills that seem to be creeping up in their balances. We also went and bought locking gas caps for the vehicles, which were much more expensive than I thought they would be. I'm still working on creating a budget that I can live with for those pay cheques.

Over and above that pay, the company will pay me once per month for the usage of my vehicle and for mileage that I accrue while doing the work. Sometimes, I have to travel a hundred kilometres or more to see client families and that can be hell on my transportation costs. I'm thinking that I should take the mileage cheque that I will be getting and put it in a separate account that will be earmarked just for transportation costs. Then, when I get those last minute calls to go out of town, I will have money set aside for fuel for those late nights runs.

I've set out my route for my 3Km walk to help Little Lamb celebrate her Debt Free Dash. I plan on walking this route at least twice this week for some fun and exercise. I enjoy walking, so I'm hoping that doing this activity will get me back into the habit of walking for the health benefits. I don't get enough physical activity into my daily or weekly routine, so it will be good to incorporate it back into my life.

I'm off for now. I'm hoping to be back tonight with Sunday Night Chit Chat with the lovely Carla.


  1. It really stinks you had to buy locking gas caps. There are some mean people out there.

    Glad to hear you have your route mapped out!!! :)

  2. How wonderful that you get mileage (which likely includes a bit extra for wear and tear). That is a great idea to set up a different account for that money - then you're all set for those late night calls. Lots of hours means a great paycheque!