Thursday, November 15, 2012

Still here, still working, still doing

I spent several hours yesterday driving through southwestern Ontario. I made my way from London to Windsor, Tecumseh, Amherstburg, and then finally Sarnia before I headed home again. Most of the drive was during daylight hours, so I was able to see a lot of sights. Houses that valued in the millions, and a block away small houses that were probably only valued at $60,000 or so. But they were equally beautiful.

Hubby and I have been talking about the type of house we would like to buy. At this point, it still dream-talking as we know we are no where near prepared to buy a house yet. I have been saving small amounts in a daily savings account that is registered, so that someday we may just be able to purchase a home.Twenty-five dollars per pay cheque really does add up and eventually it will become our down payment.

We will soon be in a position to pay off the remaining of our consumer debt, and then just as quick, add on more. We are in the market for a new-ish mini-van, preferably a Dodge Grand Caravan with Sto-N-Go. This is the vehicle that is as much a need as it is a want. I have to have a certain type of vehicle to work, and the Grand Caravan fits the bill. Certain dealerships now do leasing again after having to stop that program when the economy tanked. Something about a bailout or something, I'm not really sure.

I'm working on a plan to get the rest of the debts paid off, one at a time. I'm still working the system the way Gail taught me, albeit slowly. But I'm still doing it.

Have a fabulous day.

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  1. You know how the saying goes... Slow & steady wins the race!! :)