Monday, November 26, 2012

Had to Share

Hubby's grandmother is 92 years old and still lives in the house her husband built after they emigrated to Canada. Her health is slowly declining, and truthfully, I don't think she'll be here to celebrate her 93rd birthday.

A week ago Sunday, she had some sort of episode and was taken to hospital. She hates hospitals. They were diligent in checking her from head to toe, but are still unsure as to what was/is wrong.

As the doctor was doing a routine examination, he was getting her to do some things so he could check her reactions for brain function. He asked her to 'blow out her cheeks'. She heard blow out your teeth, and promptly spit them out onto the bed! The doctor and my MIL were laughing so hard, they had tears in their eyes.

I love this woman immensely, as she welcomed me and my children into the huge family that they have. It never mattered to her that her grandson and I are not legally married, or that my older children are not blood-related. My only grandchild was born on her 91st birthday, which made his birth that much more special. My son loves to visit his 'big gramma' (he can't quite say great-gramma) and they have such a special bond.

Some of hubby's family is in total denial about her decline. She likely needs full-time care, but I suspect that the time for a nursing home has already passed. I know that the waiting lists are long, and they have missed out on that opportunity.

They are having some disagreements as to how to best care for her. As of now, they are having someone spend every night with her at her home, which I'm sure she wouldn't want at all. I'm still wavering on the decision if I should take a shift at her house.

I'm hoping that one day this week, we'll be able to bring DS, DD1 and grandcub over for a short visit. I'd like to see her smile watching the kids play. I want to make her some rabbit stew for dinner. I want to hold her hand, and tell her that her family will be okay. I want her to know how much she is loved.

Maybe work will be kind to me this week, and give me a day or two off so we can go see her.


  1. Awww... I'm so sorry to hear that she's not in good health. :( I think I'd have died laughing if I had been there as well! rotfl! Hope you can make some time to visit her soon!

  2. OMG the blow out your cheeks part made me laugh out loud too!! LOL
    I am so sorry that she is not doing well boy is that a tough time trying to decided care but also respecting her wishes and space as well. My grandmother was 93 when she passed away and I was so glad I got to say goodbye the month before she left, I really did love her and miss her still.

  3. Love her - she sounds like a fabulous & spirited woman! :-)

  4. I hope work gives you time off. In my years working with older people I have found so many who are still so full of life!

    My prayers go with you