Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Same Thing, Different Year

Back in 2013, both Hubby and myself were laid off from our respective jobs within a month of each other. We had some indication that it was coming, but not really any notice. This period of unemployment really put us in a bad financial spot, and made it difficult to rebuild not only our savings, but our trust in employers in general.

Many things have changed since then, and we have certainly gotten back on track, but our level of debt slowly climbed back up, and unfortunately, we hadn't had the opportunity to get it paid off as of yet. We both found work, and eventually life started to normalise in our new situation. We got comfortable with our new normal and went on about our lives.

Then I broke my leg/ankle.

The savings evaporated out of our accounts faster than we blink an eyelash, and my reduced income wasn't enough to keep us on top of the majority of our bills. As most of you know, if you read this blog, that I just started back to work at the beginning of this month, with very reduced hours so that I could build my physical stamina back up to where it once was, and I could ease myself back into the level of walking that I used to enjoy.

Then Hubby found out that he, along with almost all of his co-workers, were being permanently laid off at the end of September. A few days later, I was informed at my place of employment that our retailer is leaving and we are being laid off as of the 28th of this month. (My daughter works at the same place as I do, so that's two jobs being lost here.) Although Hubby was slated to be laid off on Sept. 29th, the company opted to do the layoffs on the 20th instead.

So all three incomes in our household are gone. Just like that. All in a matter of days of each other.

I'm angry, upset, worried, nervous and so much more. I'm not yet fully healed and probably won't be for a number of months yet to come. I could barely work the modified hours I was given, so re-applying for my position with the new owner is pretty much out of the question. Also, I don't think I can work outdoors anymore in the winter with the condition of my leg.

2016 has really not been very nice to my family, and I will be very glad to see it go.

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  1. Oh no... :( That's horrible!! I hope things look up for you sooner than later!!