Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Thoughts on Budgets and Other Things

Budgeting is something I do typically with pencil and paper in a notebook that I have had for years. Each month gets its own fresh page, and I list our expenses in order of importance (to me), top to bottom. On the side, I note when our direct deposits hit our account, and how much each one is. As the money hits the bank, I work my way down the list, either making a partial payment on bills (like rent) or paying the bill entirely using online banking. I've done it this way for years only because it is what works best for me. You may have your own method that is entirely different from mine that works best for you. That is what make personal finance, 'personal'.

We are already a little bit behind as some of the bills had not yet been fully paid for the month. Poor planning on my part, and a bit of a hiccup with a direct deposit not going in when it should have. If we hadn't already drained the EF over the last few months, I would have borrowed from it, and repaid a little extra with our regular deposits. So now I squeeze the current month budget a little tighter.

All of this has got me thinking about some things that I need to take care of.

  1. DD2 & Cub's Status card photos and paperwork need to be sent in. This has taken me far too long to take care of.
  2. Applying for financial help with Cub's hockey fees.
  3. Calling auto insurance company to change policy and switch accounts that it is drawn from.
  4. When that is completed, I can completely close the business account.
  5. Contact CC company about a lowered interest rate or switching to a different type of card.
  6. Figure out saving schedule for DD2's trip to France.
  7. Figure out debt repayment schedule.
  8. Plan out Emergency Fund rebuild schedule.
  9. Plan out House down payment schedule for *both* Hubs and I to contribute to.
  10. Apartment overhaul: every nook and cranny needs purging and cleaning so I can update my stock items list. (We still don't need toothpaste or laundry soap for several years. :D)
Somewhere on the giant list of things to do I also have to add:
  • back - to - school shopping; both kids will need some stuff. ( I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that DD2 is going into grade 12 this year. *sigh*)
  • The stock up list: I like to keep a list of things we use/eat regularly so that when those items go on sale, I will buy multiples of an item. 
  • Holiday saving and shopping: I started out the year with a good handle on saving for the holiday month, but during my recovery from surgery to repair my ankle, I ended up using the money for things we needed. It will likely be a very low-key holiday this year.
  • Going through Cub's hockey equipment and seeing if he needs anything new. We should be able to get away with very few purchases this year.
  • Planning for winter wear: I will likely need steel-toed winter boots, Cub will likely have outgrown everything except his winter coat and DD2 will need mostly everything as well.
  • Try to figure out some sort of a meal prep schedule and make ahead meals. Our home functions much more smoothly when everyone is fed at a decent hour.

I am often overwhelmed when I try to picture everything at once, like I'm doing now. So with that said, I'll go knit a few rows to calm myself and pick one thing on the list to chip away at today. Have a good day.

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