Friday, July 29, 2016


It been ages since I wrote on this lovely little blog. I ventured out into the bigger world of domains, and ended up with a couple of blogs elsewhere; one just for blogging about life and money and the other one was about my adventures in business. I still own the domains, but only one of them is active at this time.

Here we are, halfway through 2016 and so much has happened.
I closed my business. I'm starting another. I'm knitting more these days than I ever have been since I broke my ankle three months ago. I've been off work and not able to do much other than think, dream and plan.

Three years and a bit since our last major financial fiasco, we are again heading into uncharted territory. At least we have lots of notice this time that DH's job may be ending. So I am hitting the reset button once again.

I've burned through most of our savings in the last three months, but in a month or so I should be given the all clear to head back to work. When I do, boy oh boy am I giving our budget and debt the what for!

Yes, I said debt. Somehow we have managed to rack that bad boy up again. We were doing okay, (or so I thought) by making minimum payments and such. Really what we were doing was thinking everything was going swimmingly along while barely keep our noses out of the water! All the time we were starting to drown without realising it. Of course something always gives. This time, the first crisis came in the form of my injury.

Now that I've hit the reset button, I am taking stock of what we owe (it made me throw up a little in my mouth), and what we own, what we have, what we need, and what we can do without. I'll be rethinking every little single thing that we all take for granted around her and making tough decisions. I don't want to be going through this ever three to five years.

I'm getting too old for this nonsense.

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