Sunday, October 28, 2012

Done? Not so Much....

I want to thank everyone who took the time to comment something nice on my last post. This whole thing has been an emotional roller coaster for me, and apparently, it's not quite as done as I thought it was.

Early morning, October 25th, I get a call to 'do' a call for the contract work. I laugh at the girl and tell her my contract expired 25 minutes earlier. I suggest to her to call her supervisor as well as the on call person on the receiving end to get someone in authority to tell her what to do. I apologise, because I know this is none of her doing, and she is just getting caught in the middle.

Then I went to bed and slept like the dead a baby. No call woke me in the middle of the night. It was glorious. Except I woke up feeling anxious and guilty, so I called the lady working the morning shift to see if they got it all worked out on their end.

A couple of hours go by, and the phone calls are coming fast and furious. The department head calls me to see if I'm 'open' to another contract extension. Then the sourcing specialist calls me to see if I would "...Please consider extending the current extension for another 3 months". They realise that they have left a gap between the time that my contract ends, and the new one starts, by a couple of months.

Suddenly, I feel like my specialty work is valued again. I feel valued and somewhat smug. This big deal corporation never considered the fact that I may not be there to do the job, and they certainly never thought that I wouldn't bid on the contract, no matter what. I let them know that should they not get any bids on the new contract or the bids they do get are unacceptable, I would be willing to negotiate with them, however as that particular contract stands, I have no intention of bidding on it. Ever.

I'm curious as to why they would ask me to extend the current contract well past the new contract start date. By like 50 days. There will either be some overlap in service, or they have no one to take over after I am finished.

I was actually looking forward to doing anything other than that job. I resignedly and begrudgingly accepted another extension, only because I am partial to the money it brings with it, and Christmas is coming rather soon. Not to mention that with this final 'big payment', we can pay off the last of our consumer debt.

I have decided with hubby, that should they ask for another 'extension' at the end of January, we will decide then if we want to, and if we do, I will ask for another full two year term with only the existing guidelines (none of the new stuff).

Here's to three more months of interrupted sleep, and not enough hours in the day.


  1. I hope the next 3 months go well for you & they realize what a valuable asset you are to them!!

  2. Eboo, I hope that you also negotiated an increase in pay for these three months while you bail out their sorry butts. This is the best negotiating chip ever - when you stand your ground and ask them to pay you closer to the actual value of your service.

    Either way - here's to having the money to pay off your consumer debt!!

  3. Take advantage of this situation and demand proper compensation for the "value" they now see in your service. Enjoy the fruits of your labor : ) Here's hoping you still get good sleep.

  4. hopefully they won't take you for granted after that. If you do take the next contract please make sure you increase your prices and I'm glad you got a good nights sleep

  5. I'm sorry. :-( I know you were looking forward to the break.

    Every day for the past 8 weeks or so, I've been dying to quit my job. Like, deep down in my soul, gut wrenching, can't breathe, want to quit. I'm instead going to switch roles in my company & hope for the best. I like the money too much to abandon ship without really, really trying to find another way.

    Best of luck to you!