Thursday, July 9, 2009

Learning the basics of home cooking

I read an interesting article today about how to save money on your grocery budget by meal planning, buying in bulk and making the majority of your meals at home from scratch. I have always liked this idea, but lacked the basic kitchen knowledge in order to make the easiest of things like bread, soup or stew. My kitchen knowledge has always been very limited, and attempts in the past to learn to cook were met with ridicule from my former partner.

More Month than Money: Tightening Your Food Budget While Feeding Your Family Well by Tracy Rimmer is a downloadable document that may serve as a basis for me learn things that I had always thought were outside of my abilities. I used to think that making bread was an enormous task, and that making stew that was delicious and thick was next to impossible. Rimmer provides basic recipes that one should learn when trying to feed a family of any size.

She also provides a sample of weekly meal planning, accompanied by weekly and monthly grocery lists, as well an annual grocery list to illustrate the idea of planning similar weekly meals and purchasing in bulk could save you money on your grocery bills.

To view the downloadable document, visit New Century or

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